Food and agribusiness is critical to Australia’s economy, with $67.2B of added annual gross value, $41.2B in exports and employing 552,500 Australians. Primary producers are facing rising costs and declining prices. Increased efficiency and productivity are essential to international competitiveness and profitability. The current generation of nitrogen (N) fertilisers lose 50-80% of N to the environment causing economic loss and negative environmental impacts.

This Hub seeks to transform the efficiency of N use in intensive agricultural production by developing new knowledge about the way plants take up nitrogen fertilisers, creating smarter fertiliser products and analysing big data to create better tools for agriculture businesses.

The benefits to the Australian economy and community are substantial:

  • Enabling primary producers to be more efficient leading to growth in the sector and jobs
  • Increasing farm profitability with positive flow on effects throughout the economy, particularly in rural and regional
  • Reducing the impact of N on ecosystems, biodiversity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creating a competitive advantage for Australia’s fertiliser industry through superior products.
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