Massomeh Mirshokraie

Theme 3

The loss of N and C from chicken manure in the shed, during composting and following application to soil not only cause considerable environmental pollution, but also reduce the agronomic value of the fertilizers. Amending manure with lignite is a viable technique to retained N in manure by suppressing NH3 volatilization. Although, there is little understanding of the fate of N retained in manure after composting and when it is applied to soil as a fertilizer. It is important to understand if the lignite amended manure has the potential to release of NH4+ steadily and slowly, in synchrony with crop N demand. My research aims to determine the effects of lignite amended manure on N dynamic, soil properties, plant yield and soil- borne pathogens in a soil-plant system.

I have a bachelor of Agricultural Engineering from Iran and a Master of Environmental Management from University of Queensland. In master’s research, I investigated the effects of different types of organic wastes (compost) on soil microbial communities (structures and functions) and carbon sequestration. I have started my PhD at the university of Melbourne since end of 2020.

School of Agriculture, Food and Ecosystem Sciences, Faculty of Science, The University of Melbourne

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