Dr Carly Rosewarne

Elders, Research and Extension Manager

Carly leads the development and management of research and extension activities on behalf of Elders Rural Services Australia Limited (Elders). After completing her PhD in Microbial Genetics at La Trobe University, Carly worked as a Research Scientist at CSIRO. She was primarily focused on using next-generation sequencing technologies to study gut microbiomes in ruminants and humans. During this time, she was awarded a Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Climate Change and Clean Energy which enabled a sabbatical visit to the US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute. She also served as Executive Chair of the Australian Academy of Science Early and Mid-Career Researcher Forum where she advocated on behalf of Australia’s future scientific leaders. Before joining Elders in February 2022, Carly was employed as a Grant Developer at the University of South Australia where she supported academics to secure funding to further their research objectives. She is passionate about her current role which involves managing collaborations to bridge the gap between research and practice change on-farm.

. Thomas Elder Institute, Elders Rural Services Australia Ltd.

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