Dr Pavel Cherepanov

Post doctoral researcher - Theme 1

Pavel completed his PhD in the department of Physical Chemistry at the University of Bayreuth, Germany under supervision of Prof. Andreas Fery and Dr. Daria Andreeva-Baeumler. He investigated metal alloys surface modification methods for manufacturing of water splitting catalysts for electrochemical hydrogen production. Since then, he has been working in the field of Materials Science on a variety of projects including research in the area of nanostructured catalysts, hybrid inorganic/polymer materials, electrochemical non-aqueous nitrogen reduction to ammonia, battery development. He has a strong expertise in materials fabrication, broad range of surface and bulk characterisation techniques, as well as methods for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Pavel has extensive international teaching experience in the subjects of various characterisation techniques, general inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry. He has published in numerous high impact peer-reviewed scientific journals as a scientific articles and book chapters.

Pavel is an early career researcher with expertise in Chemistry and Materials Science with a strong passion for development of creative and innovative products that can satisfy global sustainability requirements and meet environmental standards. He is working in Theme 1 under supervision of Prof. Frank Caruso at the Department of Chemical Engineering, focusing on engineering of fertiliser coatings for controlled nutrients release into the soil, primarily focusing on biodegradable materials as an ideal candidate for such applications. His goal is to utilise his research experience in the areas of materials science such as material fabrication, surface and bulk modification through micro- and nano-structuring, controlled assembly/disassembly of materials to produce a new generation of smart fertilisers.

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Melbourne

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