Associate Professor Helen Suter

Hub Deputy Director

Helen Suter is an Associate Professor of Soil Science, Nutrition and Greenhouse Gases. She is an expert in nitrogen cycling and efficiency in agricultural systems, particularly dairy and horticulture, with extensive experience working on university-industry partnerships. In her role as Deputy Director she leads engagement activities and the development of new partnership opportunities, in addition to supporting the Hub Director in business management, strategy development and corporate governance and contributing to research in Theme 4. Helen’s research focuses on nitrogen efficiency and nitrogenous gas emissions from fertilisers, manures and soils across a range of agricultural industries and climates. She has led research in Government funded National programs on greenhouse gas emissions and profitable nitrogen strategies, working closely with the fertiliser and dairy industries as well as being an investigator on numerous other research projects).

School of Agriculture, Food and Ecosystem Sciences, Faculty of Science, The University of Melbourne.

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