Dr. Tharanga Bandara

Post doctoral researcher - Theme 3

Dr. Tharanga Bandara is a postdoctoral fellow who works closely with Prof. Caixian Tang, Dr. Hangwei Hu, and Associate Professor Shu Kee Lam. His project is part of Theme 3, where he focuses on conducting glasshouse column experiments to compare the effects of different novel nitrification and urease inhibitors on nitrogen use efficiency in wheat plants. Tharanga is an innovative and creative scientist who has published scientific investigations in high-standard journals. He has a strong ability to apply interdisciplinary research and techniques to solve scientific problems related to agricultural soils.

Tharanga completed his PhD at La Trobe University in 2021 under the supervision of Prof. Caixian Tang and Prof. Ashely Franks. His thesis investigated the effects of biochar on heavy metal bioavailability and microbial properties in contaminated soils. Tharanga’s research has received international recognition through multiple peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and presentations at scientific conferences. He has published five articles from his PhD in high-impact journals, and a paper published in Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology received the 2022 Excellent Paper Award from the journal.

Latrobe University - School of Agriculture, Biomedicine and Environment

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