Agronomic, environmental and social benefits (Theme 4)

Lead investigator: Dr Shu Kee (Raymond) Lam

Team: Dr Xia (Emma) Liang, Dr Baobao Pan, A/Prof. Helen Suter & Prof. Deli Chen

This theme will focus on measuring and validating the agronomic, environmental, and social benefits of the new fertiliser technology developed by the Hub (Themes 1 and 2). This will involve evaluating the nitrogen loss pathways and yield benefits of existing and newly developed products in field trials for a range of production systems including vegetable, sugar cane, dairy pasture and cotton.  Working with Theme 5 this team will develop an index for nitrogen loss at the farm-gate level which will enable farmers to understand more fully the impact of their fertiliser management practices on the environment.

See more information in our Theme 4 fact sheet

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